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G.I.A Cleaning Services was founded in 2020, by a mother (Gladysbel) and daughter (Isabel) who arrived from Italy over 10 years ago, wanting to fulfill their dreams and make a life change, after many years working under other companies they managed to achieve their goal, it was time to fulfill their dreams and started there own business.

This is how G.I.A was created from an Italian/Cuban Family with big dreams...

With our knowledge about Tourism, customer service and dedication to detail, we can guarantee you the best service in the Bay area.

Our team has been trained to always be able to meet the expectations of our clients. In this last year we managed to grow our company by 60%, and we will continue each time with more enthusiasm, giving each of you a clean home where you can rest after a long day of work, a vacation home where you can feel comfortable, and much much more... "Your happiness makes our day !"

City Lights
Image by Sean Oulashin
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